Daphne has more than 24 years of experience in the Greek advertising market, mostly as the Managing Director of WIN Communications and React Advertising. Furthermore, for 5 years she was the Communications and Events Consultant of the Parnassos Literary Society.
She has served more than 60 companies, Greek and International, in a range of industries.
She is proud of creating solutions that enabled clients to develop new products and services leading to increased sales.
Her passion is building trust with the people she works with day-to-day and understanding the client’s needs as if she were part of the development team.
During the last years, she has focused on developing Brand Experiences and has been helping organisations and businesses to create added value and stronger connections with people, markets, and ultimately earnings. She offers her services pro bono to a number of NGOs and she is passionate with the promotion of the Greek biodiversity

To contact Daphne:                                         hello@blossomy.gr

+ 30 210 6127322